Our Approach

Concept Development

We work with you to understand the business use case, success metrics, user and stakeholder personas, target devices and channels, security and privacy requirements, and the analytics / reporting that will be needed.

We do rapid prototyping and concept validation.


We create 3D models to meet your objectives. These models could be a combination of custom models specifically created for your project (e.g. your equipment), or generic 3D models (e.g. elements of a scene) that we can procure and customize for you.

Each model becomes a part of the unique library that we create for you.

Experience Creation

This is where we stitch the scene together for you in the unique way that you want it. We build in the right interactions and avatar behavior so that you can experience the final result.

We deploy it to the devices of your choice using a robust process and adhering to all required security and privacy requirements.


This is our speciality. We create every model and experience so that it is always ready for analytics and reporting.

Detailed and granular data can be sent to your reporting system of choice, and you can also access basic basic built in reporting in the studio.


We follow the well established Agile model of software delivery. Every phase has well defined outputs and sprints that we monitor closely.

We like to work closely with not only the project owner but also the end users as much as possible.

A collaborative and open process reduces risk, elevates accountability, and improves the final outcomes.

Our Accelerator

We accelerate your time to market and reuse with our XR accelerator solution.
  • Integrated studio to hold all models - custom and generic
  • Each project can reuse models easily
  • WYSIWIG tools to create environments to reduce time to market
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Collaborative workflows for teamwork
  • Access built-in reporting and analytics
  • No lock in. Export all assets as needed

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